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How It Works

  • Click on the "Spread Your Message" link at the top of the page to add your own message.
  • When adding your message you can choose to make a contribution through PayPal®, or you can choose not to. Contributions must be at least $1, but can otherwise be any amount you wish.
  • Every time the front page is loaded, 50 random messages from users around the world are displayed.
  • Messages that have been submitted without a contribution have a 90% less chance of being selected than messages that have been submitted with a contribution, no matter how small.
  • Of those 50 messages, the three that have been submitted with the biggest contributions will be displayed in the top three boxes.
  • The other 47 messages are displayed below in random order.
  • If what you add is cool/fun/different enough, people from all over the world will vote for it.
  • The top 100 most popular messages will be permanently on display.
  • If you want people to know who you are, add a link to your website. If not, anything you add will remain anonymous.

Ideas for Messages

  • Do you have a message that the world needs to see, then write about it here.
  • Do you have a cool blog that you think the world should see, write about it here.
  • Do you have an interesting thought you would like to share, write it here.
  • Is your website the coolest around, let people know about it here.
  • Do you have a favorite quote you think other people would enjoy, let them do so here.
  • Do you know a joke you think is hilarious, let other people see it here.
  • Do you want to send a greeting or shoutout to someone, do so here.
  • Do you have a secret you're dying to share, but don't want anyone to know came from you? You can share it here.
  • Does your company have a product you want to promote, do so here.
  • Do you have an interesting conspiracy theory that not enough people know about? Tell them about it here.

And if you are right about how interesting you think your message is, you will get it confirmed on our top 100 lists.
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